ARMY is trying to break an important record for RM.


ARMY wants to prove once again that they are capable of anything for RM, and now they want to meet this record.

RM is one of the most beloved members of BTS, not only because he is the leader of the group, but also because his charisma and his talent are very special, because through rap he talks about his feelings and the emotions that he wants to bring to. all his fans.

In that sense, one of the most special songs that Namjoon has as part of the bangtang is “Persona”, which for him is very special, so he wants to break a record with this song, and they are already very close to achieving it.

The main objective is that this song will reach 70 million views on YouTube on the birthday of the so-called Rap Monster on September 12, however, although they did not achieve it on that occasion, they are still trying to break the record.

According to a tweet made by a member of the fandom, less than 50 thousand reproductions are missing to reach the 70 million that the ARMY wants so much, so they hope to break it during the next few days.

Watch the RM video

By the way, he recently also highlighted a video of Jungkook at a concert, where he dedicated some very special words to Namjoon, about how he helped him to be a better person, and love music as he does today.

Although the video already has time, and every time Jungkook has the opportunity, he talks about the admiration he has for the leader of BTS, the fans of both members do not stop remembering the pleasant moment, since the admiration of one towards the other.

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Do you like BTS songs? Do you think RM is a great leader? Will you help ARMY reach 70 million? Tell us your answers and opinions in the comments.


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