ARMY is preparing an incredible surprises for Jimin


Jimin’s birthday is getting closer and closer and the ARMY prepares incredible surprises for the BTS star.

BTS star Jimin is close to his birthday and for that reason, the ARMY fandom is preparing various surprises for the K-Pop singer.

K-Pop idols’ birthdays are a good reason to send them congratulations and good wishes, but it is also the ideal time to collaborate on projects that make your love for this artist visible.

The ARMY fandom is already getting ready for Jimin’s birthday and we’ll tell you how.

The idol born in 1995 is only a few days away from celebrating his 25th birthday. October is just around the corner and although Jimin celebrates this special day until the middle of the month, the projects that his fans have organized to celebrate it are already beginning to adorn. the streets of Seoul.

Can you imagine how the streets will look full of Jimin’s image? His birthday will bring that image to life and all fans will be able to enjoy the view.

Surprises for Jimin’s birthday

BTS fans who live in Korea have shared on their social networks how the celebration in honor of the group’s vocalist is lived, since the spectacular with her image have already begun to appear.

The screenings include some of the most beautiful photographs of this idol, as well as birthday messages for the entire public to admire while walking.

Whether they are walking the streets or are in some subway stations, it will be very easy for Korean fans to come across one of these special projects.

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This is just the beginning of the celebration and we know that ARMY still has more surprises for Jimin, which we will see as October 13 of this year approaches.

But birthday projects are not the only celebration that invades BTS fans, this idol group will be part of a special event in the Fortnite game by joining the Party Royale, the stage is now set and there are details to give it the welcome to the fans and the group, we will tell you the details.


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