ARMY is envious of the mysterious man who accompanies BTS’s RM on trips and exhibitions


Through his social networks, BTS’s RM has shared photos in the company of a mysterious man, and ARMY has not stopped speculating about his identity.

BTS idols have shared part of their life behind the scenes with ARMY on various occasions. However, there is still part of their privacy and more intimate aspects that they prefer to keep highly protected, as happens with the identity of a mysterious man who accompanies RM.

Through VLive broadcasts or interviews, the BTS members have opened up about their personalities and even have no problem revealing the friendships they have with some colleagues in the music industry. However, when it comes to some of his relatives and relatives, things are different.

It is for this reason that the anonymity of a man who has been very close to RM has caused a lot of noise in ARMY, who have generated a long list of speculation on social networks about his identity and occupation.

Security guard or best friend? The identity of the mysterious man inseparable from BTS’s RM

At dawn on Monday, December 6, the members of BTS surprised their fans because, finally, after years of waiting, each of them opened their personal Instagram account.

Among the 7 profiles, one of those that has stood out the most due to its level of activity is that of RM, who a few days after opening it and already having more than 19.7 million followers, has managed to share 8 publications, among which shows photographs accompanied by a mysterious man.

Namjoon has also made use of Instagram stories, where he recently uploaded clips from The Chinati Foundtation, a contemporary art museum located in Marfa, Texas, to which he went with the company of an individual with an unknown identity.

On social networks, ARMY does not stop generating speculation about this man who seems to be inseparable from RM, the leader of BTS, since he has already been seen in other photographs next to Rap Monster.

Among what is rumored, some have pointed out that he could be one of the best friends of the leader of Bangtan Sonyeondan. Still others point out that he is a representative or a personal assistant. It has even been said that he could be a member of his family or even an undercover security guard sent by HYBE. Although also, there has been someone who begins to suggest and imagine a bit of boyfriend material.

What is certain is that it seems that in all the images, because of his haircut and the shape of his face, it is the same man. Who do you think is this individual who accompanies RM everywhere? Do you think it has “boyfriend material” vibes? Leave us your comments and remember to follow us on our social networks for more information about BTS and your favorite artists.