ARMY in China, “Jungkook Festival! First in the world


BTS: The ARMY of China has come together for a unique project in the history of idols, a whole festival dedicated to Jungkook!

Jungkook’s Chinese fanbase is well known among the ARMY globally for their unprecedented impressive projects honoring BTS’s lead vocalist Jungkook.

For example, his birthday projects for Jungkook are a particular event in the city every year, and it arouses the interest of the rest of the ARMY in other parts of the world.

The ARMY in China always presents numerous projects that are the first for any idol in the world, however, their projects for this year are on another level.

ARMY creates a Jungkook festival?

Recently, Jungkook’s Chinese fanbase showed their influence by hosting a large-scale festival to celebrate the birthday of BTS’s maknae.

This event is the first for any celebrity and BTS’s tour production team was hired for it, so “the sky’s the limit” for the ARMY in China.

The “Jungkook Festival” consists of a 5-part event that will also be streamed live online. Among the shows prepared by the ARMY includes combining a fireworks show with laser technology and even artificial snow.

Jungkook will be celebrating his birthday on September 1, so other fan bases of the youngest member of BTS also continue to fill him with love with large-scale events planned for this year’s celebration.

What do you think of the ARMY’s birthday project for the idol? Tell us in the comments if you will see the Jungkook Festival live.

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