ARMY had a great gesture with BTS and the boys cried


ARMY had a great gesture with BTS and the boys cried. ARMY has made the group cry thanks to this gift. The time that ARMY touched BTS in these 7 year anniversary.

Like BTS, fans are commemorating seven years since they received their official name. It’s common in K-pop to give them meaning, either related to the group or to a word that identifies them, the Korean translation of BTS being Boys to Bulletproof, so ARMY became their army.

For 7 years, the boys have achieved great dreams thanks to the unconditional support of ARMY, today on their anniversary day they took the social networks to send congratulatory messages among them, because in addition to being a fan and listening to their music, there is a great work behind.

From translations, fan goods, monitoring of BTS news or mention son portals and social networks, among others. Singing the fan chants and voting to get them to win an award is not all they have done, they have also been moved with gestures to return a little of the happiness they have thanks to them.

During one of their concerts in London, ARMY decided to prepare a surprise for them and they sang “Young Forever” as a way of thanking them for all their effort, the gesture caused that some of them could not contain their tears at the emotional moment.

It is not the first time that they prepare a gift for them, when they turn years they organize to carry out projects in their name, once they presented a reforestation in the name of Namjoon , they also obtained a certificate to give the name of J-Hope to a galaxy.

V was included in the list of a robot that would travel to Mars as part of a new NASA project, in addition, some of his songs were chosen for the playlist that the space organization made for his next trip to the Moon.

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Self-esteem, but also reciprocity has been one of the things they have learned together, ARMY gave wings to BTS , but they have given them everything to fight for to continue their successful career.

Apparently, BTS would have prepared a surprise for them , but due to the pandemic their plans were canceled, I do not reveal what it is, but when the situation returns to normal the group would resume said project.


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