ARMY goes crazy with NEW picture of Jin How handsome!


BTS member Jin has shared a new photo on Instagram that makes the ARMY go crazy.

Jin has become the ARMY’s topic of conversation on social media thanks to a new photo he shared on his Instagram account, in which he once again shows why he is considered one of the most attractive members of BTS.

It cannot be denied that BTS has become one of the most successful K-Pop bands of the moment and all thanks to the unconditional support it receives from the ARMY, who do not hesitate to make all the content that arises about them viral. Bangtan Boys, even if it’s just a new selfie.

As an example of this we have Jin, also known by the fandom as the WorldWide Handsome, who usually paralyzes social networks with the selfies he shares on his Instagram account, a platform where he already exceeds 5.7 million followers worldwide.

Jin falls in love with the ARMY with photo for Instagram

Today Jin has shared with all his loyal fans a new selfie, in which he proudly boasts his gallantry, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the fandom, who did not hesitate to fill it with thousands of compliments through the comments section from the post on Instagram

The image shows us the 27-year-old idol wearing a white shirt, which is covered by a black sports sweatshirt, but what is most striking about this photograph, in addition to his orange hair and his indisputable grace, is who raises a finger at the camera to indicate that there is one day left before BTS’s virtual concert.

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“One day left! Concert tomorrow, ”Jin wrote on Instagram.

Let us remember that the Bangtan Boys are almost ready to launch their new musical album, which is entitled ‘BE’ and according to reports revealed by Big Hit Entertainment, it will be published on all digital platforms as of November 20.

Are you ready to know what’s new about BTS? Do you like the way Jin looks in his new Instagram selfie? Leave your answer in the comments.


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