ARMY Gets Ready For BTS’ Suga’s Return As Agust D


ARMY force Gets Ready For BTS’ Suga’s Return As Agust D. “#AGUSTD2ISCOMING” Trends No. 1 Worldwide On Twitter.

All signs are highlighting another mixtape in transit from BTS’ Suga, likewise known by his rapper name Agust D!

Suga recently discharged his first mixtape in 2016 titled “Agust D,” and BTS’s fans ARMY have been envisioning another mixtape from the skilled rapper and maker for some time now. Every day in the current week, Big Hit Entertainment has been posting baffling commencement mysteries that started to get more clear as the days passed by, yet there was still some vulnerability about which BTS part was included in the picture.

Promptly in the first part of the day KST on April 22, ARMY saw that Agust D’s Apple Music profile photograph had been changed to a picture of Suga that coordinates the figure in the secret photographs.

Normally, “#AGUSTD2ISCOMING” immediately snatched the No. 1 spot on Twitter’s overall patterns as fans responded to this new intimation and evident affirmation of Suga’s second mixtape at last being in transit!

In the mean time, BTS has been taking a shot at their next collection and offering the procedure to fans through communicates. Their seventh introduction commemoration is coming up on June 13, and they’ll be playing out an online show the following day titled “Blast BANG CON The Live.”

Stay tuned for refreshes on what Agust D has coming up!


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