Army Celebrates The ‘Hobiuary’ in Honor of J-Hope


ARMY is already preparing for his birthday.

BTS will return in February with “Map of the soul 7”; However, before the comeback, the fandom will have a very special day: the birthday of J-Hope.

The idol will turn 26, (27 years old in Korean age), but as of today, the ARMY has organized to celebrate the so-called Hobi month , we tell you all the details.

Through the hashtag #Hobiuary , ARMY has titled February as the idol month. They have shared several photos and videos of J- Hope to start celebrating it in advance and cannot believe that someone with such a tender aura will become a 27-year-old boy.

It is not yet known what projects there will be to celebrate it on February 18, but ARMY has sent several messages of support and love to remember that J-Hope is literally his hope and always rejoices with a smile, his words and his way of being.

February will be the month of ARMY, J-Hope and BTS .


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