ARMY celebrates the anniversary of the Epiphany


This is how BTS fans celebrate the anniversary of Jin’s ‘Epiphany’ and V’s ‘Winter Bear’ songs. The boys of BTS are just a few days away from releasing ‘Dynamite’, an English single that marks the beginning of a new era for the K-pop band, that’s right !, Big Hit Entertainment idols will release new album material .

Each of BTS’s productions is special, since their debut in 2013, the songs that make up the tracklist of their albums are a reflection of their personalities, experiences and speak of their artistic work.

Today marks the anniversary of two very important songs for ARMY, ‘Epiphany’ by Jin and ‘Winter Bear’ by V, the Bangtan Boys singers are receiving recognition from their fans.

‘Epiphany’ performed by Kim Seok Jin celebrates two years since its release, the track was the official trailer for the album ‘Answer’, part of the ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ saga, the MV of ‘Epiphany’ was published on August 9 of the year 2018 and so far it has more than 62 million views on the YouTube platform.

Watch Jin’s ‘Epiphany’ video:

Since their premiere “Epiphany” by Jin and “Winter Bear” by V have broken several records, the idols’ tunes have positioned themselves at the top of the music charts and the most important world charts.

ARMY from around the world are celebrating the anniversary of the release of these emotional songs with the hashtags # 1YearWithWinterBear and # 2YearsWithEpiphany, Internet users post messages of love to V and Jin from BTS on social media.

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