ARMY celebrates Suga’s Agust D anniversary


Suga from BTS, in his role as Agust D, celebrates his 4th anniversary with the love and recognition of ARMY.

Each of the boys of BTS have talents that complement their group, the multidisciplinary preparation of the idols of Big Hit Entertainment is noticeable when they take the stage to do their performances.

Suga is one of the members of the Bangtan Boys who have made an effort to express their emotions through music, the rapper originally from the city of Daegu, found in the composition a way to reflect his difficulties, fears and joys.

Agust D is Suga’s alter ego, under this name the K-pop idol has published two mixtapes, ‘Agust D’ was released surprisingly on August 15, 2016, the tracklist was published on all platforms of music on the Internet. Agust D is celebrating his 4th anniversary.

‘D-2’, Suga’s second solo album as Agust D, was released on May 22, 2020, the work of the interpreter of ‘Stronger’ received praise from important figures within Korean entertainment, breaking many records of reproductions in a very short time.

Notably, Min Yoongi’s love of music is natural, and his work is so professional that Agust D’s two record materials can be downloaded at no cost.

The songs that make up Agust D’s albums are the ideal way to know Suga’s thoughts, he himself commented that the lyrics of his tracks are his true self:

The lyrics consist of showing my true self, until now it is an unknown side for many, so it will be something unfamiliar but different

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