ARMY Celebrates RM With Birthday Messages


The celebration for Namjoon’s birthday has already started, and his fans sent messages to congratulate this K-Pop idol.

Today, the leader of BTS is turning 26 years old and his fans have taken this opportunity to send him warm messages showing their admiration and affection, we will tell you everything related to the celebration of RM.

Since before the start of September 12 on Korean time, BTS fans around the world coordinated efforts to flood social media with the holiday spirit in honor of Namjoon.

Photographs, videos, fan arts and a large number of messages have been published with a special objective, to commemorate one more year since the birth of RM. For this, a hashtag has been used that is the connection between these messages, so all the publications have used #NamjoonDay.

The messages are diverse, some chose to remember RM’s most admirable moments, others preferred the most adorable ones or simply pointed out the good wishes they have for him, since he is an idol who has brought them great happiness with his work.

Mention was also made of all the talent that Namjoon possesses, since in addition to being a successful rapper, we have seen his skills as a singer, dancer, producer, songwriter and even MC.

As if that weren’t enough, RM has shared his joy and motivation with Bangtan Sonyeondan fans, giving them strength to face new challenges and keep learning from day to day.

RM was born on September 12, 1994 in Ilsan, Seoul, but his perseverance and skills have led him to become a world-renowned music star.

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On such a special day, we join his fans in wishing this talented idol from Big Hit Entertainment a very happy birthday, have you already congratulated him?


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