ARMY celebrates Jin after 500 days of “Tonight” premiere


It’s been 500 days since Jin released his song “Tonight” and ARMY couldn’t let this special date pass.

BTS fans ARMY never miss to remember and celebrate special dates in their fandom. And today, fans are celebrating the 500th day since the release of Jin’s heartfelt song titled ‘이 밤’, which translates to ‘Tonight’ or ‘This Night’.

Jin released this first song composed by himself as part of BTS Festa 2019 on BTS blog. He produced the song with the help of RM, his bandmate, as well as Slow Rabbit and Hiss Noise, producers of Big Hit.

What’s even more endearing is that Jin made the song in memory of his pets who passed away, namely Jjangu, Eomuk, and Odeng. What a tender heart he has!

Hi, I’m Jin. It is a song I wrote with my pets in mind. It is my first produced song, I hope you liked it. I will work hard to produce again next time so you can hear a good song. Thank you ARMY ”, said the idol.

Through the Bangtan Bomb video, Jin shared the recording process for this masterpiece. Jin blessed everyone’s ears with his unique voice as he began to sing Tonight in a soft and comforting way.

Jin placed great value on his pets in “Tonight”

The lyrics of the song are also full of meaning. ‘Tonight’ speaks of heartbreaking feelings: “When tonight passes, I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you / When tonight passes, I’m afraid of being alone.”

But the song also remembers the good times with your pets. “When I close my eyes, I think I will remember the times we were together / When I close my eyes, I think I will only remember happy memories.”

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On episode 6 of Break The Silence, Jin shared his feelings about this song. The song should hold a special place in Jin’s heart. ARMY was excited that Jin wanted to share with them a song that was meaningful to him.

ARMY celebrate this beautiful day in various ways, such as through projects and fanarts on social media.

This song will always be a reminder for us to sincerely love the things that are close to our hearts in this world, all thanks to the oldest member of BTS. Do you like the song “Tonight”? Do you think Jin should sing this song to celebrate the 500 days of release?


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