ARMY celebrates the fifth anniversary of the first Eat Jin


Today is 5 years since Jin posted the first EAT JIN video on the BANGTAN TV channel on YouTube, since then, BTS fans have enjoyed fun meetings with him and accompanied by a series of interesting dishes

EAT JIN is a special section within said YouTube channel where Jin enjoys one of the meals of his day in front of the camera, so at the same time he can relate some feats of his life and talk to his followers.

Also, Jin takes advantage of this space to advise ARMY on how to maintain a good diet. These videos have allowed BTS fans to learn more about this idol and, at the same time, become interested in his face offstage.

For this, the ARMYs have expressed their gratitude after seeing one of their favorite idols sharing such a special moment with them, where he shows himself as he is while having fun and creating memorable memories for fans.

To celebrate that this video section is turning one more year, BTS fans around the world are remembering their favorite EAT JIN moments using the hashtag # EatJin5thAnniversary. Do you like this kind of clips?

Jin recently gave his fans a moment of fun thanks to his reaction to failures presented by the Weverse platform, since the idol believed that he had been expelled from this site.


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