ARMY calls J-Hope and V the “baby giraffes” of the group


J-Hope and V have earned a new nickname after BTS’s unusual performance on The Tonight Show.

Throughout the week, The Tonight Show showcased a special for BTS fans where these talented singers showed many wonderful moments. The last episode was no exception, the idols had a memorable performance and Jimmy appreciated their participation.

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook performed a song daily with a performance that has never been shown before. Unsurprisingly, the idols concluded the last episode with an incredible performance by Dynamite, where Hobi and Taehyung took the stares.

In this Dynamite performance, the seven members bring the disco atmosphere of the 80s to life, skating in a stadium with retro decorations. Some of the members appeared to glide gracefully using skates, except for V and Hobi. They seemed to have a hard time moving.

J-Hope is finally helped by Jin, while V receives help from Jungkook. The funny actions of the two BTS members were uploaded to YouTube and immediately got a response from their fans, better known as ARMY.

J-Hope and V are officially BTS’s “baby giraffes”

Many mentioned that the “Chicken Noodle Soup” and V performer’s movements resembled those of newborn giraffes. “(J-Hope’s) hobby reminds me of the newborn giraffe, LMFAO,” said one netizen. “Oh yeah, baby giraffes, they are so adorable, LOL,” added another netizen.

On the last night of BTS Week, the host of this show took a moment to reflect on everything that had happened within the show in recent days. In the same way, he thanked the boys for their dedication and commitment, since they showed unique and high-quality performances.

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