Armenian soldiers abandoned armored vehicles and fled!


The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced that military targets belonging to the Armenian armed forces were destroyed on the front line. In the statement made by the Ministry, it was announced that Armenian soldiers fled from the battlefield by leaving armored vehicles.

The counter attack launched by the Azerbaijan Military Forces against the Armenian firing points in the line of contact where the clashes continue continues.

In the statement made by the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, it was stated that the Azerbaijani armed forces launched a counter-attack along the entire front in order to prevent the war activities of the Armenian armed forces and to ensure the safety of the civilian population.

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense released images showing the destruction of Armenian military equipment at the front line.

The Ministry noted that as a result of the counterattacks of Azerbaijani army units, Armenian soldiers fled and left many armored vehicles on the battlefield.


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