An armband to suppress the cravings of meat was developed


The plant-based food company Strong Roots has developed a band that can help people who try or want to try vegan diets together with Charles Spence, a Food Science Professor at Oxford University.

The tape designed by the Strong Roots company of the USA and Oxford University Professor of Food Science, Charles Spence, has a similar understanding with nicotine tapes that help reduce cigarette addiction. The innovative product promises to help people who want to completely remove animal food from their lives.

Professor Dr. Spence said, “The tape we developed adopts the sensory perception principle, since the scent plays an important role in sending food-related signals to the brain. Users are suppressing their cravings for meat products by inhaling the patch infused with the smell of bacon. ”

The developed meat belt promises to reduce the desire for animal foods
Stating that our sense of smell is strongly related to our ability to taste. Spence said, “When you think you are eating enough bacon, you may find yourself instantly full. The band in question allows you to imagine the action of eating that food with coke. ”

After making sure that his innovative product helps people satisfy people’s desires for animal food, Strong Roots will test his curious band on a certain number of volunteers in Reading, Leeds, Liverpool and London.

A study by Strong Roots on 2,000 adults living in the UK reveals that 33 percent of respondents eat meat at least once a day. While 36 percent of the respondents say they feel guilty for eating meat, 43 percent say they want to reduce their consumption of animal food. Strong roots, a plant-oriented food company that developed the world’s first meat belt, wants to spread its vegan culture to a wider audience in recent years.


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