Armament Increases in Autonomous Deadly Robots


According to experts, the autonomous deadly weapons we see in Hollywood movies are becoming more and more common. The control of these weapons is getting harder day by day.

We see deadly robots or autonomous systems in most Hollywood movies or science fiction dystopias. On the other hand, these technologies are not just imaginary things that we will encounter in such distant future. Maybe we won’t see a terminator, but there are other autonomous weapons.

According to experts, armament with such equipment has increased dramatically in the past few years. The world’s military forces have entered the autonomous arms race, and this struggle is becoming more and more unstoppable with each passing day.

Interest in autonomous weapons is great

Michael Klare, professor of Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire College, told Digital Trends that the Pentagon has been following the steps taken for years to use autonomous deadly robots on battlefields. Professor pointed out in his statements that Defense Minister Mark Esper recently talked about equipping the navy with unmanned ships and submarines capable of carrying weapons. He also said that the Air Force is also developing autonomous combat drones, and the army is turning to autonomous tanks.

Klare stated that prototypes are currently being tested in war games, but mass production has not been started. According to the expert, models ready for war will begin to be produced within five years. Saying that the companies also see the big order potential in the future, the expert added that there is a serious competition in this area. The Pentagon will pay significant sums after choosing the prototypes that suit it best.

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Will autonomous weapons be safe?

No weapon in the world is safe, all of them have the potential to be misused. Klare, on the other hand, points out that this technology can easily get out of control and cause serious harm. If a robot gets corrupted, malfunctioned or hacked, it can cause serious damage.

Saying that there are autonomous ships capable of launching missiles in Russia or on the mainland of China, Klare said, “You want to be sure that such a ship will not decide to launch the Third World War in its own mind.” says. He wants information on how much control these vehicles will have and whether they can be completely reliable.


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