ARM processor MacBook introduction date leaked!


For the first MacBook models with an ARM processor, Apple had marked the end of 2020 last year. While this promotion was thought to be delayed due to the pandemic, it was claimed that it would be introduced in November.

Jon Prosser, known for his important leaks, gave the exact date for November. Known for the correct Apple leaks, Jon Prosser has now given the date for the highly anticipated ARM processor MacBook models.

Date given for ARM processor MacBook models

The launch announcement is expected to be made on November 10 for the models that will appear in November. One week after this announcement, it seems that the new MacBook models will appear on Tuesday, November 17. The expectations are different for the new MacBook models that will appear with this introduction.

Judging by the latest information, the 12-inch MacBook will appear with an ultra-light and portable structure and an ARM-based A14X Bionic processor. A Twitter user named Komiya, previously known for important Apple leaks, listed some features for the 12-inch MacBook model.

Apple analyst Ming Chin Kuo claimed that the ultralight model will revolutionize the portable computer market with a battery life of 15-20 hours and a weight of less than a kilogram.

If we need to recall the features listed by Komiya, the model, which will come with the ARM-based A14X Bionic processor, is expected to appear with 8 GB and 16 GB capacities on the RAM side. The new MacBook, which comes with a 12-inch Retina display, will have 256 GB and 512 GB SSD options on the storage side.

The 12-inch MacBook, which is expected to come with a camera with a resolution of 1280 x 720, seems to come with only one USB-C port.

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Among the claims that the 13-inch MacBook Pro model will also take place among the ARM processor MacBook models. It is also said that the 14-inch MacBook Pro model can also be introduced. In short, it is not yet clear with which models the ARM-based A14X Bionic processor will appear.

However, the introduction of the 12-inch MacBook 2020 model, whose features are shared in China Times by Ming Chun Kuo, is considered certain. Apple is also expected to reduce screen costs by using Mini-Led technology. What do you think, what models will we see at the launch of Aplle, which is expected to take place on November 17? We are waiting your comments.


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