Arkade Introduced its Motion Blaster Weapon for Mobile Games with PewDiePie


With the development of mobile acting, game equipment compatible with mobile games started to come out. One of the initiatives that wanted to develop this kind of hardware was Arkade. Arkade collaborated with PewDiePie to promote the Motion Blaster gun.

With the strengthening of the hardware of smartphones and the arrival of quality games on smartphones, the development of gaming equipment compatible with mobile games has begun to be developed. One of the companies developing such equipment is Arkade.

Arkade collaborated with PewDiePie, which has 103 million subscribers on YouTube for the Indiegogo campaign of its Motion Blaster gun. The weapon developed by the company supports both mobile and PC platforms.

Motion Blaster:

The Motion Blaster weapon will not support all games available in the store when it first came out, but it will support hundreds of games, including today’s most popular games, according to the company’s claim. Two prominent games in this regard are Shadowgun War Games and Modern Combat 5.

It is necessary to say that the weapon, the introduction of which you can watch from above, looks quite good. The gun has two modes, 360 degrees and 180 degrees. In other words, you can use the weapon while standing or while you are sitting.

Besides the various colors of the gun, there are also various designs such as Demon Blaster and PewDiePie variant. When NVIDIA’s cloud game service is played via GeForce Now, PC games can also be played with this weapon via mobile device. In addition, the gameplay can be streamed directly to YouTube or Twitch.

Entrepreneurs who started campaigns through Indiegogo set a goal of $ 50,000 by April 24 and have reached $ 15,000 as of now. So what do you think about Motion Blaster? Do you really think that this kind of hardware is needed for mobile games?


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