Ark: Survival Evolved player spends over 100 Hours building a Massive fortress


There is a lot to do in the Ark: Survival Evolved survival game: from fighting the elements and giant dinosaurs to creating increasingly strong fortresses and waging war with other players. One Ark: Survival Evolved player spent over 100 hours building a massive fortress that can rival some of the biggest castles in history.

Survival games like Minecraft, Conan Exiles, and No Man’s Sky often offer creative modes that allow players to express their building imagination without the threats of the game forcing them to constantly restart. In addition to these games, Ark: Survival Evolved has a variety of blueprints that can be used in the construction and crafting process, and as a result, it is not difficult to spend hundreds of hours in the game both in standard game mode and in creative mode. Reddit user Rikkuaoi recently shared an image of a fortress that was created over more than 100 hours of gameplay separately from previous experiences and other builds they made in the game to explore the depth of the Ark systems.

The fortress of Riccuaoya stretches from one side of the cliff to the other, and pedestrian paths pass through a dangerous cliff from a height, connecting several towers with countless sets of stairs. The impressive castle has one central tower, which has a unique style compared to other tall structures, while the castle is divided into two parts: a smaller one on the left side and a much wider and taller building on the right side. Although the use of wood as the main material for the fortress may have simplified the task, Rikkaoi’s creation has a more authentic look thanks to the use of stone instead, and other Ark: Survival Evolved resources are used for more complex details.

More than 100 hours of work on ARK: Survival Evolved from games

According to Riccuaoi, the angle of their Ark: Survival Evolved screenshot was the only way to see the entire castle that wouldn’t be out of place next to the titular Hogwarts Heritage site. In total, twelve towers of different heights can be seen in the image of their fortress Rikkaoi, and there are even more sets of stairs that allow the Ark: Survival Evolved player to move efficiently around the base. Although nearly 5,000 Reddit users voted for the Ark: Survival Evolved post, it is currently unclear if there are equally intricate interiors matching the incredible appearance of the creation.

While many fans have responded to Rikkaoi’s post to express appreciation for the dedication and hard work, some Ark: Survival Evolved console players, such as Metacritic reviewers in the past, have complained that the performance on their machine does not allow for such details. Riccuaoi admitted that they try to express themselves in the same way as in other survival games, but castles, fortresses and forts updated in the Steam workshop “always bring them back”.

Ark: Survival Evolved is already available for mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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