ARK: Free Extension Pack of Survival Evolved The Crystal Isles Released


Studio Wildcard, the developer of the ARK: Survival Evolved game, has made a statement that will enchant the ARK player communities worldwide. The Crystal Isles, the game’s new downloadable content, was free when it was officially released.

The expansion of the games with their new content after their release is considered as one of the sine qua non today. In addition, additional content, such as season pass and gold edition, made it possible for products to be purchased for a certain period of time by paying in advance for additional packages.

From time to time, game makers can publish these downloadable content or additional packages completely free of charge. ARK: A new downloadable content for Survival Evovled, The Crystal Isles has been officially released.

Awesome timing from Studio Wildcard

As everyone who is more or less interested in games knows, ARK: Survival Evolved is now available for free on Epic Games. This means that more users can access the game.

The game servers’ administrators can switch to the new map if they wish. The new islands offer a slightly more fantastic and somewhat more variegated world than the classic theme of the game. Moreover, these islands contain enough content to discover for months.

150 square kilometers

Crystal Isles is a very large map and covers an area of ​​150 square kilometers. The Island, the first region where the game passes, for those who want to compare, had an area of ​​40 square kilometers. The map named The Center covers an area of ​​70 square kilometers.

The new region consists of 4 different biomes. The map, which comes with rainforests, volcanoes, floating islands and incredibly beautiful landscapes, also hosts new dinosaurs.

The name of our new dinosaur in the region is Tropeognathus and it dARKraws attention with its enormous appearance. This wild friend, similar to Pterondon, seems ideal as a mount. Faster and more agile, this dinosaur is the most plausible option when we consider the huge size of the islands.

Unfortunately, if you played in this mode before the additional pack was officially released, you will not be able to move this progress into the official pack and you will have to start everything from scratch. However, it will be an advantage if you know what you can find where.


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