Arizona Robbins in iba to be played by Jessica Capshaw


Before Arizona became a part of Grey’s Anatomy, Jessica Capshaw auditioned for two very different and smaller roles, but was rejected. First, she auditioned to play Nurse Rose.

About a year later, she auditioned for another part on Grey’s Anatomy, one that was unnamed at the time and turned out to be Sadie, Meredith’s friend who was an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital for a time.

Jessica Capshaw was rejected again and the role went to Melissa George, but she shared that the producers kept saying they loved her, and that good impression finally paid off, as she got the role of Arizona Robbins on Grey’s Anatomy.

In the end, Arizona became a Grey’s Anatomy fan favorite thanks to Capshaw’s acting and charisma and his storylines as well as his relationship with Callie, and earned a spot on many lists of the best gay characters in America. television.

Since her departure from Grey’s Anatomy, Jessica Capshaw has appeared in the television movie One Angry Juror, the romantic comedy Holidate, and the drama film Dear Zoe.

Since Arizona Robbins was not killed like many other Grey’s Anatomy characters have been, she could return at some point in the series, which would be a nice gift for fans given how popular she was.


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