Arizona Robbins has the best ending ever


Grey’s Anatomy has seen a few characters come and go, and they all come out on different terms. Season after season, it’s difficult to predict what will happen and with whom, and fans often end up quite shocked at what happens.

It’s often a difficult thing when a popular character leaves a TV show on tough terms, but thankfully, this wasn’t the case for one of Grey’s Anatomy’s key cast members.

To recap a bit Arizona Robbins was part of the main cast, played by actress Jessica Capshaw. Beginning her stint on Grey’s Anatomy in the show’s fifth season, Arizona was the head of pediatric surgery and she really went out of her way to bond with the children she cared for her.

Recall that Arizona Robbins went through some pretty tough situations over the years, including being involved in a serious plane crash and having her leg amputated as a result, she also had several intense romantic stories, and many people were extremely understanding when she suffered. a bout of depression.

While it’s safe to say that most people were absolutely in love with Arizona, sadly, her time in the hospital came to an end a few years ago. It turns out that the actress knew how much her character was admired and she went on to say that she was madly in love with playing Arizona. So why did the actress leave the show?

Eventually the departure occurred at the end of season 14 and was based on the creative direction of the show. According to Grey’s Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes, It’s always hard to say goodbye to any of the characters adding that Capshaw will always be a part of our Shondaland family.

Although many were disappointed to see her leave her, Grey’s Anatomy fans were certainly pleased with the way she finally ended the Arizona story. She got sole custody of herself and Callie’s daughter Sophia, but after some concessions, Arizona and her ex-wife decided to split her time with her.

It seems Grey’s Anatomy fans can agree that Arizona Robbins definitely had a good game and it was amazing to see the things that happened to her during her time on the show.


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