Arika announces Fighting EX Layer: for Another Dash


The young fighting saga, created by some former Capcom members, will arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid console sometime this year.

The Japanese Arika has just made a new fighting game official for Switch, and it is a revision of Fighting EX Layer, a title released during 2018 on PS4, PC and arcade games. It does not yet have a release date, but the study anticipates that it will be released in 2021 and that it will expand on April 1 with more details.

Veterans of the fight

Perhaps some Nintendo fans have known Arika through very different projects (his is the Endless Ocean diving saga, Dr. Luigi or the recent Tetris 99), but the truth is that this company has very deep-rooted fighting games. your DNA. Founded by one of the creators of Street Fighter II (this anniversary month), Akira Nishitani, the studio dedicated its early years to developing a series of spin-offs of the same saga with polygonal graphics: Street Fighter EX. Since then, they have also created or participated in sagas such as Fighting Layer, Tekken or even Dragon Ball Z, until in 2018 they launched the aforementioned Fighting EX Layer.

Spiritual successor to Street Fighter EX and Fighting Layer (the name does not hide it, and it was even taken as an April Fool’s Day joke to its announcement), the game recovered 2D fighting with 3D characters, launches and super cancels, in addition to adding a mechanic of its own, the Gougi system, which allowed the player to choose between a series of abilities or improvements from which the player could later benefit if he met the appropriate requirements (such as cover, add a certain number of special attacks, etc.). An interesting proposal that, unfortunately, was overshadowed by the small amount of content and an improvable netcode.

Jumping to the Switch delivery, Another Dash does not seem to be a simple port adjusted to the power of the console, since the Gougi system has been replaced by other mechanics, EX-Dash, EX-Arrow and EX-Illusion, surely with a view to changing the playable balance. The operation of the netcode, on the other hand, is also reported as a revised element and on which they will continue working post-launch, although for now they send us to next month to know more specific data and, presumably, its release date.


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