Arie Luyendyk Jr. shared a photo of Lauren Burnham’s pregnancy test: “I almost had a heart attack”


The Day of laughter has come early this year! Arie Luyendyk Jr. panicked when he saw a pregnancy test on his and Lauren Burnham’s sink.

“@laurenluyendyk I almost had a heart attack,” the 40—year-old former bachelor signed a video on Instagram Story on Thursday, March 31, increasing the result of “Not pregnant.”

The upload to social networks occurred four years after the former reality TV stars deceived fans with a fake photo with a tummy.

“Finally the secrets are revealed, we have a rabbit in the oven!” Luyendyk Jr. tweeted in April 2018. After a subsequent apology, joking about how they cooked the “Dutch baby” from Cook’s cookbook, the racer officially apologized.

“I sympathize with women struggling with infertility,” the former ABC personality wrote at the time. “My April Fool’s joke was in no way intended to offend women who are struggling with this. I apologize if my post affected you personally.”

Earlier this year, a native of the Netherlands had a vasectomy. The couple, who are parents to daughter Alessi, 2, and twins Senna and Lux, 9 months, documented the procedure in a video blog on YouTube.

Luyendyk Jr. compared vasectomy to “getting kicked in the balls as hard as someone can hit you” at that time.

Bachelor Nation members’ decisions to stop having children were “based on” Luyendyk Jr.’s age, as he told us in a February interview.

“In five years I will be 45. I feel it may be too late for me to be active with [the kids],” he explained at the time. “They are reversible if we have some kind of heartache in five years. This is the first time we’ve really felt the age difference. She’s 30, and I have a slightly different worldview. I want to be a young father. I’m not a young dad, but I don’t want to be even older than I know.”

Burnham, 30, chimed in: “I wasn’t necessarily ready to close this chapter just because I know it’s hard right now [with three kids under 3], but once we get out of this space, I might want another one. Who knows?”