Ariana Grande: The singer’s complete exercise routine


Ariana Grande is a very talented and dedicated girl in every aspect of her life, her slim figure is due to a very complete exercise routine that complements her healthy life and fitness.

The actress originally from the city of Boca Raton in Florida is one of the most complete artists in the entertainment medium, her dedication and perseverance was not only noticed in her music, but also in her physiognomy.

Ariana Grande transformed her body, now she looks slimmer, but just as healthy, she achieved it by taking a very complete exercise routine, which was designed so that her anatomy was in shape.

The singer’s fans always praise her bearing and how well she looked in different performances with her looks, her radiant beauty is the result of her energetic sports routine. OMG!

Harley Pasternak is Ariana Grande’s personal trainer, he competed that in addition to her vegan diet, the star complements her moving and healthy lifestyle with a series of easy exercises to do at home.


One of the keys to the physical training of the former Nickelodeon girl is repetition, the body exercises that make up her workouts are based on intensity of movements to burn more calories and thus define the body

Ariana Grande performs 30 repetitions of the reverse lunge in 5 series, complements her practice with another 30 repetitions of normal lunges in 5 series, to reform the muscles of the arms, she does 30 repetitions of Pique Plank in 5 series.

The interpreter of ‘Positions’ puts all her energy in 30 Superman, a movement that consists of lifting the extremities of the body and finally, she strengthens her buttocks with 30 bridges, all this in series of 5.

Ariana Grande suffers from hypoglycemia, a disease that uncontrolled the level of glucose that travels through the blood and reduces the amount of this substance in the body, so it is vitally important that the vocalist makes the habit of exercise.