Ariana Grande: The K-Pop Group That Should Be Made


K-Pop gained great recognition in the charts around the world, but another star that is always present is the singer of Positions and we know that a collaboration between both styles would be perfect.

From the beginning of her career, Ariana Grande has demonstrated her great talent, not only through her vocal strength, but also through the creative process to prepare each of her albums. The musical style of this girl has become iconic and unmistakable, what would a collaboration with some idols look like?

In the South Korean industry there are powerful vocalists and groups that have also shone with their incredible voices, some of them have revealed that they are fans of the Florida-born singer, others have even interacted with her and some more simply have the ideal voice to join the girl.

K-Pop fans have pointed out how great it would be if Ariana Grande had a collaboration with an idol, but while we wait for that dream to come true, we tell you about some artists that we wish to hear in a song with this girl.



Ariana Grande and the BLACKPINK girls in the same song would be a guaranteed success. In addition to the girl power that this melody would have, the talent of each of the singers would be more enough to conquer the public with a track full of energy and charm.


Another talented K-Pop group that could collaborate with Ariana is Red Velvet. Yeri is a big fan of this girl, she follows her on Instagram and has shown her admiration for the singer on several occasions, if we add to that the vocal talent of all the members we can be sure that the song would be fantastic.

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This vocalist is also a fan of Ariana Grande, she revealed that as a trainee she sometimes presented covers of the singer for her evolutions, she also performed an Ari melody at MAMAMOO’s live shows but best of all, her musical style as a soloist it perfectly matches that of the 7 Rings performer.


Although this singer has not made mention of Ariana Grande and her music, he has a melodious voice and broad acting abilities so we believe that he is a clear example of male idols who would be perfect to collaborate with the girl.


The Big Hit Entertainment group could not be left out of this list, the union of their voices and that of Ariana Grande would probably be a phenomenon in the music industry, not only because of the surprising popularity of both, but also because of their singing style. . They even met during their rehearsals before performing at the 2020 GRAMMYs and captured the moment in a photo.

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