Ariana Grande: The impressive fate of Dalton Gomez!


The love story of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez never ceases to be talked about. Today it is the fortune of her fiancé which is revealed.

As you know, Ariana Grande has always been a hot topic. The singer’s love stories interest her fans. Today, she seems to have the perfect love affair with Dalton Gomez. The handsome brunette’s fortune has been revealed!

Ariana Grande, famous for her music is also known for her stories of the heart. The young singer is not afraid to expose her romances on social media.

After the death of her ex Mac Miller in 2018, she broke up with her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. This precipitous rupture had made the Web tremble. And yet it is well and truly over!

Despite her romantic breakups, she seems to have turned the page. Ariana Grande does not let down. Yes, the young woman is no longer a heart to take!

The “Side to Side” singer was seen in public with a handsome boy: Dalton Gomez. This luxury real estate agent didn’t hesitate to kiss his sweetheart in a bar.

While previously very discreet, the two lovers appear in Justin Bieber’s “Stuck With U” music video with a soft kiss on the forehead. In March, Ariana Grande formalizes their relationship on her Instagram. The cliché then caused a sensation!

During the confinement, the star couple of the networks was very present. Something to satisfy fans of the singer!

The pretty couple of social networks continues to stir the Web. Dalton Gomez, very discreet, is therefore the buzz. The fortune of the beautiful boy revealed.


Dalton Gomez seems more discreet than his sweetheart’s exes. Ariana Grande fans know very little about her fiancé’s life. No one has missed his impressive fortune.

Ariana Grande and her companion in confinement prefer to keep part of their relationship a secret. For good reason, the Instagram account of his darling remains private.

Unlike the singer with 200 million fans, Dalton Gomez does not work on the front of the stage. In fact, he is a luxury real estate agent in Los Angeles.

Even though Ariana Grande makes a very good living, it seems that her future husband has nothing to envy her.

The luxury real estate agent has previously sold multi-million dollar properties. It therefore remains to imagine the amount of its commissions.

In short, Dalton Gomez’s fortune is rumored to be $ 20 million. Just that !

No wonder, considering the impressive engagement ring he gave his sweetheart! So, we can’t wait to see the next pictures of the singer and her lover on the Web.


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