Ariana Grande: The hidden talents that make her unique


Ariana Grande has great success as a singer thanks to her voice, but she also has unique hidden talents. The Florida native is in full promotion of her album “Positions,” her sixth studio album with which it reached a new # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The “7 Rings” star has shown skills in the singing, acting and imitation thanks to her occult skills.

Ariana Grande is known for reaching great notes in her live performances, a style that has launched her to fame, her voice has allowed her to combine a feminine, elegant and daring style in her music, which has conquered fans around the world. , but despite being one of the most followed female artists on social media, she has a shy and very youthful personality.

Throughout her career she has also earned a place in fashion thanks to her style, especially her famous ponytail and some oversize clothes, but what makes her unique are those things that no one else can do and taking advantage of the tone of her voice, Ariana Grande has developed hidden talents that are very funny and very useful too.

We leave you a list with the singer’s skills


The singer not only has different talents, she also has various hairstyles, what does each one mean?


The singer not only has a great tone of voice to reach high and difficult notes, she has also shown that she has a very idverted talent for rhyming and rapping, not for nothing was the girlfriend of artists like Mac Miller.

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High heel shoes

Ariana Grande has a very special gift that many women envy: jumping, dancing and even running with tacoes. Her favorite footwear is usually platforms with a very high or fine toe and she manages to balance herself without tripping or looking like a Bambi.


The singer manages to imitate the tone of voice of great artists such as Shakira, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears thanks to the fact that her tone is very sharp and she manages to vocalize her notes very well.

Sponge Bob

Working at Nickelodeon made her meet one of its best known characters: “SpongeBob”, the singer also starred in series like “Sam & Cat” and her career on the channel allowed her to have the talent to recreate the yellow sponge laugh.

Baby sounds

Her high-pitched voice also allows her to make various sounds, not only of singers, but also to imitate babies, from their voice to the babbling they have when they begin to “talk”, which highlights her adorable and innocent personality that she had in her early years. career.


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