Ariana Grande: The Bad Star Doesn’t Want Her In Comedy!


A comedy star reportedly refused to allow singer Ariana Grande to star in the movie Wicked! We give you more details.

Ariana Grande might not star in Wicked because of a comedy star!

You should know that the young artist is not only a singer. Indeed, Ariana Grande even already has several experiences in musicals to her credit, especially on Broadway.

According to the latest rumors, the young woman could well star in the film version of the musical Wicked. It was Stephen Shwartz, the composer of Wicked himself, who mentioned it.

Indeed, he admits to Gay Times magazine that he is a big fan of Ariana Grande. ” Who is not ? »He adds. He said, however, that the production team is still a long way from giving serious thought to casting Wicked.

He adds all the same that everyone is aware of the talent of the young woman. She could therefore have all her chances!


Stephen Schwartz also explains that he is not in a position to make those kinds of decisions. “Stephen Daldry is our director and he will have a say in the casting. »He specifies. “Just like Universal,” he adds.

But according to Deadline, Stephen Daldry would have left the project. But before you see Ariana Grande in this project, there’s one more person to convince.

Indeed, it is Idina Menzel! The young woman is very well known in the field. Notably for her latest role: Queen Elsa in Frozen II.

She also worked with singer Ariana Grande! Still, she doesn’t necessarily want to see her in Wicked.

Indeed, she thinks someone else should be playing the role of Elphaba in the film, according to Cinema Blend. “I love you Ariana, but I think I would be better off in the role. This is what is said!


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