Ariana Grande tackled in a piece of Eminem: the fans do not validate!


Ariana Grande finds herself in the middle of a bad buzz despite herself! Rapper Eminem shocks his fans in his latest title that hits home!

Fans of singer Ariana Grande are angry with Eminem! We explain to you why!

Ariana Grande can count on her community to defend it. Indeed, the star finds himself at the heart of a controversy despite herself. First, rapper Eminem decided to bring up the singer in Unaccommodating. Indeed, he unveiled his last title on the canvas. The video already has more than 4.5 million views!

However, the rapper made the buzz by mentioning Ariana Grande in his title. Eminem is known for his escapades of all kinds. Spotted by the great Dr Dre at the end of 2000, he has been chaining the tubes since that day. He has collaborated with many artists such as Rihanna Ed Sheeran or Sia. His eleventh album marks his comeback in 2020. However, he risks creating several more controversies with his lyrics!

Ariana Grande has yet to react to the shock sentence that freaked her fans out. Thus, Eminem said in his last song: “I contemplate while screaming” bomb death “as if I were at the Ariana Grande concert”. Thus, he alludes to the attacks that occurred in Manchester during the singer’s concert in 2017. Very affected, she had made a big event with many artists like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus or her ex Mac Miller who died in 2018.

The fans of singer Ariana Grande immediately reacted on social networks. So it says, “What makes you think you could write about the Manchester bombing?” You have no idea what Ariana went through “or” Eminem is almost 50 years old and can write lyrics about an attack without having any remorse? “The rapper who won many awards had already shocked the canvas with his titles The Real Slim Shady or Without Me. He does not stop and his latest clip Darkness already has more than 13 million views on YouTube. However, everyone is waiting for the star’s reaction. In the meantime, the singer continues her career with flying colors. His tour is a success all over the world!

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