Ariana Grande surprises with 7 Rings in Animal Crossing version


In addition to drawing inspiration from games for her songs, Ariana Grande managed to become an animated character.

Ariana Grande makes her debut in the world of video games thanks to Animal Corssing. Meet the animated version of “7 Rings”, the singer became a new character in this saga.

The gaming world has evolved over the years. With the new Nintendo title , fans can create their own virtual world by earning acorns to build their ideal island. It seems you can even have the former Nickelodeon star as one of your neighbors.

Through the YouTube channel Maegond, Ariana Grande became the new animated character of Animal Crossing and its version of “7 Rings” . The user is known for performing various coversof various celebrities and it was her turn to the native of Florida, who has proven to be a fan of video games .

Ariana’s success and popularity is not only limited to her songs and music platforms. Who wouldn’t want to attend one of their concerts in a virtual world? This would be the first characterization of the celeb as a gamer character .


The video lasts 3 minutes and completely recreates her song from “7 Rings” with all the pink and feminine atmosphere . Ariana Grande was depicted with her famous ponytail , a pink top, a crown, and pastel-toned pants. The various scenes show the singer at a party with her friends, as well as her visit to various stores to the rhythm of “I want it, I get it.”

The animated cover of Animal Crossing: New Horizons shows all the girl power of Ariana, as well as her fashionista style of “7 Rings”. The game also allows you to buy designer clothes so you can create your fashion icon.

Apparently, all the accessories and elements to create Ariana Grande are available in the video game stores. The author has also created the animated versions of Billie Eilish, other figures such as Kylie Jenner have appeared as characters in Animal Crossing.

If you are a fan of Ariana and console games, you will be able to fulfill your dream of being a neighbor of a world famous star, create your own private concerts and new versions of her songs.

The singer is not only related to the world of gamers, but also to Disney. Find out why she is shaping up to be the candidate to play Hercules’ “Megara”.


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