Ariana Grande: by surprise, she unveils the live version of “k bye for now”!


With Ariana Grande, it’s already Christmas! The singer has indeed unveiled the live version of “k bye for now” by surprise this weekend!

Ariana Grande may not have reindeer and sleighs, but she makes great Christmas gifts! The singer has indeed released a live version of k bye for now which should delight fans.

Artists are rarely stingy with surprises. Ed Sheeran has indeed recently released a touching clip offering his fans a little glimpse of his intimacy with his wife. It’s singer Ariana Grande’s turn to imitate the British singer. She indeed posted a live version of k bye for now during her Sweetener World Tour. The best part: nobody knew about this gift!

Ariana Grande’s new recording was released this weekend. It therefore closes the gigantic world tour of the star. The last concert was then held in California. Nothing like a little live to put the sun in the Christmas holidays!

It’s a gift more beautiful than the live version of k bye for now does not include only a few titles. It indeed contains 32 songs! Ariana Grande of course shares her greatest successes there like “No Tears Left to Cry”, “God Is a Woman”, “Side to Side” but also “Into You”. All the recordings were made during the singer’s tour. We can hear American fans, but also Europeans! Perhaps you were even present when she gave voice?

A live as rich – and as unexpected – leaves only hope that Ariana Grande will soon release a new unreleased album? For the moment the singer has made no allusion on this subject. But she seems to like surprises! Maybe nobody will see their next album coming! Meanwhile, his fans will be able to listen and listen to his hits live, that’s it already.