Ariana Grande still popular around the world: she thanks her fans!


Ariana Grande continues to break records with her titles! So, the young woman wanted to thank her fans on Instagram!

Ariana Grande has just released the ranking of the most streamed artist of the decade … And surprise, the latter is in the top 5! She is even the first woman! For this reason, the singer has therefore thanked her community on Instagram!

In recent years, Ariana Grande has chained the tubes! On Instagram, the young woman has also exploded the followers counter! Indeed, it counts a community of over 168 million subscribers! A real record that places it in the top 10 most followed people!

On Instagram, Ariana Grande has posted the ranking of Spotify. She writes as a legend. “I keep reading it (ranking) to make sure the text really says what it says! I did not even make my debut until three years into the decade. Thank you for your attention and your listening. I really appreciate and I will always love you. A perfect love! “Concludes Ariana.

So many people have responded to Ariana Grande! Indeed, the post has thousands of comments! “You deserve it so much! Your voice is just amazing, your titles too! I have them all in the head! ” Or. “It was sure that you would be included in this ranking! You’re the best Ariana Grande … So it’s only fair! Continue like this in 2020! You will still card the next decade! »Can we read on Instagram! Messages that will please the singer!


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