Ariana Grande shows her strength in any situation


The ‘Positions’ singer revealed some of her inspirations for getting through tough times. The music star has shown that she is a very strong girl and can overcome anything that comes her way. This is Ariana Grande’s secret to overcome obstacles and sadness.

Ariana Grande is one of the most influential female singers on social media and in the music industry, her records and official merchandise are sold in droves, as are her concert tickets.

Fame brought her many triumphs in contrast to the difficult moments she experienced in recent years, she suffered different emotional blows that led her to show her strength and character.

Another characteristic that defined the former Nickelodeon girl was sincerity, she is very open with the experiences she experienced and the lessons she learned from those hard times .


Ariana Grande lived through a tense and sad period when a series of events came into her life to mark her forever: the attack in the Manchester arena, ended her marriage to comedian Pete Davidson and the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

After the attack in the Manchester arena, Ariana Grande paid tribute to the deceased in a concert that was broadcast to all parts of the world, the One Love Manchester festival brought together more than 55 thousand people to raise funds. An action that demonstrated the great heart of the star.

After the death of Mac Miller, Ariana Grande offered a show in the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, where her ex-boyfriend was from, she found the ideal moment to pay tribute to her and before starting the show the rapper’s songs were heard in the venue, could not contain her emotion and cried when she performed ‘Thank U, Next’.

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Ariana Grande took Mac Miller as her inspiration, kept the memory of the musician alive in songs like ‘Ghosting’, an excerpt from the lyrics says:

I know you hear me when I cry, I try to resist at night while you sleep next to me, but it is your arms that I need this time.


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In 2019, the ‘7 Rings’ singer started her ‘Sweetener World Tour’ tour and commented that the songs from the albums ‘Sweetener’ and ‘Thank U, Next’ had saved her life, she managed to capture all her emotions on the tracks, she took out everything bad and transformed it into something good.

Recently Doja Cat showed a possible clue about a new collaboration with Ariana Grande , will fans be able to listen to them together again?


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