Ariana Grande: She Showed Her Stronger 5 Times


Ariana Grande has established herself as one of the female artists of the moment and has raised her voice in favor of female empowerment.

The former Nickelodeon star began her career on the series “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat”, then began her solo career, which has been very successful, as she is one of the artists who has managed to dominate the Billboard charts, in addition to have millions of followers on their social networks.

Ariana Grande has demonstrated at various times her position as a woman, not only in society, but in the music industry and as a figure of inspiration for her fans. There have been several moments where the singer has raised her voice to assert women’s equality and demand respect, as she has been objectified and criticized in the past.

Whether in her social networks, speeches at awards or at her concerts, Ariana Grande has sent messages of self-love, empowerment and feminism, her songs also synonymous with it, such as “Positions” and “God is a woman”, never she has remained silent and has questioned the role of women compared to men. The “7 Rings” star is not only an icon of fashion, but also of the struggle of feminism.

The singer has also become a reference in fashion, if you want to copy her style, you just have to have these basic garments inspired by her outfits.


Not for nothing has she become one of the most successful female artists in the music industry. Ariana Grande has lyrics and songs that have inspired women, “Positions”, her most recent release, is an example of this, but also singles like “7 Rings” or “Thank U, Next”, fans recreated their lyrics to march in favor of women with messages like “Do you like my rights? Thank you, I love them” for “Do you like my hair? Thank you, I just bought it.”

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Fight bullying

Two years ago, Ariana Grande did not think twice about facing a hater journalist who attacked Little Mix for an image where they protested against criticism of women. Piers Morgan is a renowned British TV presenter; However, her comment was not amused by Ariana, who countered with an image where he joked in favor of masculinity and questioned if it was only valid when men did it. OOPS!

Gender equality

In the past, Ariana Grande has been attacked because some consider her outfits to be extravagant or provocative, but the singer decided to play the same game and questioned the equality between women and men, saying that a boy can show off her abs on social networks or on screen and not being playable and does not understand why women cannot enjoy their freedom and love their bodies.

Diversity of feminine identity

In the framework of International Women’s Day in 2018, Ariana Grande shared a great message of support for her female fans, the LGBT community and all those who identify as such, showing that there are different types of girls that should be loved, respected and enjoy the same rights, because empowerment is not something that is asked for, but is lived.

Woman of the year

The singer was awarded this Billboard award during one of the Woman in the Music galas, she was recognized as a figure who has fought for equality and the identity of her fans, whom she has inspired and taught not to stay dumbed down.


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