Ariana Grande shares her beauty and skincare secrets


Ariana Grande has a unique natural beauty, the icon of fashion and music has some tricks that help her shine in front of the camera.

Ariana Grande’s beauty secrets, know the routine that the singer follows to have radiant and beautiful skin with these simple tips.

Being a figure of fashion and music is not easy, the star of “7 Rings” won the hearts of fans thanks to her songs and lyrics that have become feminist anthems, heartbreak and empowerment. The Florida native has set trends thanks to her style, but what is her grooming routine?

Ariana Grande has shared in interviews and through her personal social networks the way she takes care of her skin, being an artist, she undergoes makeup sessions and exhaustive schedules, but never forgets to wash her faceor remove make-up at night. You too can follow the singer’s skincare routine .

First, it is important to remember that you cannot buy a beauty product just because, you must go to a dermatologist and specialist to recommend something that is favorable to your skin type, although there are also natural ingredients that you can use to have clean skin and moisturized.


Ariana Grande has the tip have two days of makeup, if you usually paint you almost daily, it is best that you give your skin time to rest pores to breathe and wear a face to the natural, it is also important to wash your face every night , you wear makeup or not, because dust and air permeate your skin.

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The singer also wears a charcoal mask, but you should consult a specialist first, as this substance is usually a bit aggressive and can dry out your skin. Ariana wears a sunscreenfor the face, you must find one according to your pH and skin. If you have coconut oil at home, you can put a little on your eyebrows as hydration and on your hair a little argan oil to repair it, just like she does, not for nothing does she wear a ponytail and extensions of envy.


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The 7 Rings star is hydrated, food and drinking water greatly influence the state of our skin. Her nighttime routine consists of removing makeup, exfoliating and using an astringent lotion, since she suffered from acne, these products should be consulted with a dermatologist. Ariana Grande’s radiant skin is achieved with a good facial cleansing habit , a skincare routineand the right products for your skin type.

The singer has become one of music’s favorites, find out what kind of song she would write about you.


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