Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez… Top 10 most popular stars on Instagram!


The beautiful and talented Ariana Grande is one of the 10 most followed personalities on Instagram. Come and discover the 9 others!

Ariana Grande, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Kylie Jenner are among the top 10 most followed personalities on Instagram!

No, the beautiful Ariana Grande is not “The Queen” on Instagram! She is also upgraded by a footballer. Her name ? Cristiano Ronaldo! The Portuguese has more than 194 million followers. The class! On the web, the sportsman likes to reveal adorable family photos. But also his trophies, his upcoming matches with Juventus Turin. So everything is fine for him!

In 2nd place comes… Ariana Grande! The star alone has over 169 million subscribers! Not bad. On her social networks, the pretty brunette likes to share selfies or even shots of her tours. The Rock is 3rd in the ranking. Good game ! Dwayne Johnson very often immortalizes his loved ones but also his projects on the screen.

Selena Gomez is no exception, as she is the 4th most followed star on Instagram (164 million subscribers). Like Ariana Grande, the pretty brunette has a large community on the Web. Kim Kardashian catches 5th place. As a reminder, Kris Jenner’s daughter is the “it girl” par excellence. 155 million Internet users follow it. Her sister Kylie Jenner gets 6th place (154 million subscribers), the young billionaire likes to promote her many products on Insta.

Lionel Messi is behind the beautiful Kylie with her 139 million followers. The 2019 Golden Ball narrowly precedes singer Beyoncé. Indeed, “Queen B” has only 136 million subscribers. Which is pretty good. Neymar is also following the singer of “Single Ladies”. The Brazilian also has 130 million people who follow him on this social network. In last position? The beautiful Taylor Swift: 124 million subscribers. Well done! But it’s much less than Ariana Grande…


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