The singer has had several demands and in the middle of 2020 adds one more.

Ariana Grande is an artist with great popularity, one of her most successful songs was “7 Rings”; However, since she premiered the song in January 2019, there have been several accusations against her of course plagiarism.

We are already in a new year, 2020, and the demands against the singer do not stop. Now, a new accusation arose because of the similarities in the lyrics of the song with another theme.

It seems that the drama will not leave Ariana alone. The new demand is by rap artist Josh Stone, also known as “DOT”. She says the singer copied the chorus of her song “You Need It I Got.” The case was already analyzed by two musicologists, who admit to having found similarities in the lyrics, rhythm and notes of “7 Rings”.

In a video that circulates on YouTube, both songs are compared, what Ariana sings seems almost the same, although not literally, because the lyrics could have been paraphrased: “I want it, I have it”, DOT’s: “You want it, I have it”. OKAY????

The supposed plagiarism of Ariana has to do with the elements of metrics, that is, the words are measured, the tone, the rhythm of a song, is not a literal “copy paste”.

So far, Ariana has not denied or talked about such accusations, it is not known whether the case will be approved to prove plagiarism. The singer has previously been accused by other artists who have found similar things, from art, music and even the flow of “7 Rings”. What do you think?


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