Ariana Grande in quarantine: This little video makes her fans react a lot


Ariana Grande would she be in love? In a very short video, the singer appears with hearts everywhere … Intriguing!

Things are happening in Ariana Grande’s life ! In full containment, the world seems to be stopped … But the singer publishes a short video that is much talked about. Why all these hearts ?!

Pretty, magnificent, superb … There is no shortage of adjectives to talk about her. Since she published a small video on her Insta , the singer has received many comments …

But comments all nicer than each other for the pretty young lady. Sublime, surrounded by hearts, she zooms slowly on her lips … Fascinating!

The video, posted for two hours, makes its subscribers really crazy . Over 880,000 views, over 11,000 comments… Incredible! Everyone seems to be fascinated by Ariana Grande .

But the panic is just beginning! The pretty singer takes 1,000 likes per second … All that for a zoom on her fixed face! Impressive… But the beauty knows how to bewitch everyone!


Comments are multiplying therefore under Ariana Grande’s video . The air a little sad, the face surrounded by hearts, the smile that finally arrives at the end … We would also have many questions to ask !

Subscribers, too, seem bewitched . There are countless “Magnificent”, “Brilliant”, “Beauty” … Hearts rain as much in the comments as in the video! Unbelievable !

It remains to be understood for whom all these hearts around Ariana arrive … Why not for Dalton Gomez? Unknown to the general public, the man would be her new lover …

She even decided to spend containment with him ! A new love emerging after the break-up with her ex, Mikey Foster… And lots of hearts around her, then? We hope so …

In any case, subscribers seem delighted to see Ariana Grande so beautiful ! They also regret the lack of sound on the photo … In this period, we would like to hear her sing , it feels good!

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