Ariana Grande much richer than Justin Bieber?


Would young artist Ariana Grande make more money than singer Justin Bieber? We take stock of their fortunes!

Is Ariana Grande Richer Than Singer Justin Bieber?

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber rose to fame early on. It was Scooter Braun who discovered the Canadian artist in 2009.

Justin Bieber how so his career when he is only 13 years old. He will also face the dark side of stardom. Indeed, the young man went through difficult times marked by drugs and alcohol abuse.

He will also pass through the prison box where he will spend a short stay for drunk driving. The young artist has since backed down.

Ariana Grande for her part had a quieter celebrity. She started her career on Broadway. She will then play in a television series Sam & Cat, in 2010.


Unlike Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande hasn’t had any big scandals. Indeed the young woman has never had a problem with the law, for example.

Apart from a few romantic relationships that ended badly, nothing dramatic. In fact, the pretty brunette found love and got engaged to Dalton Gomez.

The two artists were nevertheless able to enjoy a good fortune thanks to their careers. And it’s not just about singing!

Indeed, they also take advantage of collaborations with brands of perfumes, clothing and accessories to afford a good salary. Ariana Grande’s fortune is estimated to be $ 150 million! Just that.

In fact, she is 17th in Forbes magazine’s 2020 ranking of highest paid celebrities. Justin Bieber for his part is based on a fortune of $ 285 million!

Moreover, the latter does not hesitate to take advantage of his fortune. As evidenced by its many luxury cars. Or the $ 500,000 engagement ring he gave his wife.


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