Ariana Grande is proud of her association


Ariana Grande is pleased to support an association and not the least. This is the Orange Twin Rescue association that it presents on IG!

Ariana Grande has decided to make animal rights her fight. Thus, a few months ago, the interpreter of “Thank U, Next” lifted the veil on his association: Orange Twins Rescue. An association whose work you should also follow.

It is clear that this is not the first time that Ariana Grande has posed as an animal rights activist. Far from it, the star has been fighting it for a while.

It is therefore not surprising that the singer decided to start her own association. An association with the sweet name of Orange Twins Rescue.

The actions of it? Save animals, offer everyone to adopt them and of course, recruit volunteers throughout the year to rescue our animal friends!

Last November, Grande said of the asso launch that she was “happy, proud and excited” about the idea. We can understand, the stakes are high!

On Instagram, Ariana Grande just posted a photo of the cute pigs. This is a repost of a photo from KittenxLady.


On the original post, the author would like to thank Ariana Grande for her work alongside Orange Twins Rescue. She thanks her for being “a true animal friend”.

“You saw their suffering and offered to support them and you are doing it well,” she learns. “We thank you for your fierce compassion.”

Also, KittenxLady added that “dozens of pigs have full bellies and cozy nests” thanks to the work of Ariana Grande’s partner. All in all, a great adventure!

In fact, to stay in line with her principles, Ariana Grande has made the decision to become 100% vegan. A justified choice when we know that it fights against animal cruelty.


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