Ariana Grande has announced her engagement to Gomez!


It’s official ! Ariana Grande has announced her engagement to her lover, Dalton Gomez. The star flaunted her sublime engagement ring.

“Forever and much more”. It was through this short sentence that Ariana Grande announced on Instagram yesterday afternoon that she had become engaged to Dalton Gomez.

She is in love with Dalton Gomez with whom she has therefore had a passionate love affair since January. Ariana Grande will therefore soon be married. The pretty brunette accepted her darling’s marriage proposal.

After a tumultuous love affair with Pete Davidson, to whom she was also engaged, the young woman accepted the request of her new sweetheart. She shared the good news on Instagram.

Very present on the social network where she is the most followed singer, the pretty brunette posted a series of pictures. And one of them presents his finger with a sublime ring on it.

The latter is none other than the ring that her grandmother gave her a few years ago. A symbolic wink for the young woman, very close to her family.


A source close to the singer confided that the couple was therefore on a cloud. “So they couldn’t be happier,” a source told People. And we understand them.

On social media, Ariana Grande’s mother therefore congratulated her daughter on this new stage in her daughter’s life. “I am very happy,” she wrote.

It was during the first confinement that the young woman introduced her future husband for the first time. At the very end of the clip Stuck with U, her duet with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande was showing Dalton for the first time.

Celebrity real estate agent in Los Angeles, Dalton Gomez met the star through mutual friends. The pretty brunette made her relationship official by posting a selfie of the couple later this year. Congratulations to them.