Sweetener’s world presentation tour is being a resounding success with dizzying collection figures that are making the tour one of the most profitable of the Ariana Grande race.

But the thing could stay not only in live shows for millions of viewers. If we pay attention to the tracks that the soloist from Boca Ratón (Florida, United States) is leaving in her social media profiles, something is being forged with Sweetener World Tour.

In 2019 Ariana Grande has published two studio albums, Thank u, next, and Sweetener and there are those who believe that she could have a third party on the way: the live album of the tour.

The singer has shared several videos in which you can see a long list of audio files with the names of different cities in which the tour of Ariana Grande has made a stop: Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, Hamburg, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Dallas (Texas, United States).

The clip published in his Instagram stories seems the answer to his followers’ request to show that live music he talked about days ago through another network publication.

“I have a good handful of my live songs from the tour on my computer thanks to Johnny and Toby. About to start accompanying them on the melodies and choosing them for my list of best moments and performances on this flight … Simply for the in which case you want a live album one day “he wrote on Twitter.

And the answer could not be more unanimous: they want it and as soon as possible. Now we have to wait to see if the record company and Ariana Grande herself date this long-awaited release.

It would be the first studio album of the entire musical career of Ariana Grande, although if the composer and vocalist is demonstrating something, she is able to eliminate any border or barrier as she did with her participation in Charlie’s Los Angeles soundtrack to which He contributed up to five songs.

“Charlie’s Los Angeles BSO can now be booked. It is an honor to participate with so many great women in this amazing project. We are all very excited to hear this bso that is full of action and has been a dream for us. These songs are perfect for the movie. It has been a unique and exciting experience for me and I am very excited to be able to see and hear the voices of all my friends at any time. It’s almost time. Thank you for having me on this trip “I wrote Ariana Grande.