Ariana Grande: Frankie is a fan of the hit “Rain On Me”!


Frankie Grande is a fan of his little sister, Ariana Grande! The young man agreed to dance to “Rain on Me”, a song he loves.

Frankie Grande is a fan of his little sister, Ariana Grande. The singer’s brother has always been very close to the latter and he proves it once again.

Indeed, from a young age, the brother and the sister do absolutely everything together. So Frankie always encouraged his sister to make music and even urged her to try Brodway.

Frankie James Grande is therefore a true protective brother for Ariana. The young woman knows he can count for him, as he has proven more than once that he has his back.

Fan of his sister, the young man recently recorded a TikTok. On the video, the latter follows the dance steps on Ariana’s song, Rain on Me, in a duet with Lady Gaga.

You are probably wondering why Frankie agreed to dance to this sound? The answer is quite simple: An internet user asked Ariana Grande’s brother to make people guess he was without saying it.


Very teasing and at ease with his sexuality, the young man responded to his follower in the most beautiful way. Dancing on Rain On Me with a huge Gay Pride flag.

Ariana Grande’s brother garnered over 28,000 Likes under his video in just a few hours. A true social media star, Frankie rose to prominence on the Big Brother reality show on CBS.

The young man has since chained reality TV shows on MTV and has become a star on Instagram. He currently has 2.1 million followers.

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A figure that will only increase if he continues to post videos where he dances to his sister’s songs. Ariana Grande is the most followed woman on Instagram, with 215 million followers, just that.


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