Ariana Grande: For the first time in 18 years, she’s celebrating Thanksgiving with her two parents!


Ariana Grande to be grateful for Thanksgiving this year! The American singer has indeed revealed that she had gathered for the first time in 18 years his father and his mother around a meal …

On Instagram, Ariana Grande has published a nice family photo! Indeed, in his story the star posed alongside his mother … And his father! A real first! Indeed, the singer has returned recently with his father! And since then, he had never spent a Tkanksgiving together.

Divorced since 2003, Ariana Grande’s parents have put aside their differences. Indeed, the moment of a family meal, everything was fine in the best of worlds … You can also see their smiles below:

For a long time, the interpreter of Thank u, next had broken contact with his father. Ariana Grande was indeed only 10 years old when her father left for the divorce with his mother. Yet his tensions seem to be of the past. On Instagram the singer is also happy with this Thanksgiving family. She writes as well. “First Thanksgiving with my two parents in 18 years”. In 2017, Ariana also wanted to pay homage to her father on Father’s Day. She had written then. “Happy Father’s Day. I love you “… If it’s not cute that!

Now very close, the small family was also found last October. Indeed, Edward Bureta and Joan Grande had found their daughter in Paris. The opportunity to make tourists and visit the Louvre, but also to walk the streets of the capital. The parents of Ariana Grande had also posed with pride Place de la Concorde, in front of a giant poster of Ariana for Givenchy brand.


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