Ariana Grande: Favorite photos participation in 2020!

This year 2020, Ariana Grande has shared a lot of pictures. That of his engagement was particularly successful.

This Sunday, December 20, Ariana Grande announced a happy news to her subscribers: she is engaged to Dalton Gomez. His photo has never been so liked!

Like every year, Ariana Grande feeds her Instagram account. Indeed, the singer shares all her slightest deeds and gestures with her subscribers.

Like his latest activities, favorites, discoveries and news. So, Mac Miller’s ex-girlfriend, who passed away on September 7, 2018, had to tell them wonderful news.

In short, Ariana Grande formalized her relationship with her companion, Dalton Gomez, a few months ago. Better yet, the artist and her sweetheart have decided to take the plunge.

So the two lovebirds got engaged. More than happy by her side, the Positions interpreter reported it to her fans.

“Forever and again,” the pretty 29-year-old brunette wrote in the caption of her post. Never has the young woman smiled so much!

Thus, his series of photos reached nearly 9 million likes. Quite simply, this is the most beloved publication of the year. She broke a record!


In any case, Ariana Grande fans have never seen her so happy. And it has been for years. As a reminder, the pretty brunette has experienced many romantic breakups.

Not to mention the death of her ex, Mac Miller. Indeed, the one who is about to get married has suffered greatly from her disappearance. Especially since she suspected it was going to happen.

“I have loved you since the day I met you when I was 19 and always will. I can’t believe you’re not here anymore, “she wrote on Instagram.

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Then Ariana Grande continued, “I’m sorry I couldn’t heal or take away your suffering, I really wanted to. “



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