Ariana Grande, Enchanted With The Daughter Of Eminem Disguised


Ariana Grande, Enchanted With The Daughter OF Eminem Disguised. Hailie Jade Mathers already has Ariana Grande’s approval for her Halloween costume. Eminem’s daughter has found the best outfit for this celebration with a 7-ring costume.

High ponytail for the hair, black collar adjusted to the neck, high black boots above the knees and Scottish plaid suit of black and white green: it is not terrifying but ideal.

The text that accompanied Hailie Jade’s Instagram post was accompanied by 7 ring emojis without any specific mention to Ariana Grande but the message reached the right ears.

The soloist from Boca Raton (Florida, United States) left an answer to Eminem’s daughter on her Instagram profile answering with more emojis: a heart and a ring.

A new BFF that can join the circle of Ariana Grande now that she has discovered that she loves her outfits.

We still do not know what the singer will disguise but it would be a stub for Eminem to do it in one of his iconic covers or photo shoots taking the idea to Eminem’s own daughter.

Soon, Hailie Jade Mathers could have more ideas to be inspired after the premiere of the soundtrack of Charlie’s Los Angeles movie in which Ariana Grande participates putting voice to five songs.

Through the official YouTube channel of Republic Records we have been able to enjoy a small preview of the songs of the feature film. Among them, the song that Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa never premiered and that the singer has re-recorded with Normani and Nicki Minaj.

The soundtrack will premiere on November 1.

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