Ariana Grande: her double is the buzz, she reacts!


Ariana Grande came across a video of her look-alike, which is currently enjoying great success on the Web. The interpreter of “One Last Time” still does not come back.

You must have echoed the buzz surrounding the look-alike of the beautiful Ariana Grande … No? We explain to you! For several days, a young teenage girl named Paige Niemann has been talking about her a lot on the Web and in the media. The reason ? The young woman strongly resembles the performer of “Bad To You”. On social networks, fans of the star are all taped.

Through a video Tik Tok, Paige Niemann brilliantly imitates Ariana Grande while playing back a scene on the Victorious series. As a reminder, the singer has seen his career take off with this program signed Nickelodeon. Not surprisingly, her prowess has even reached the ears of the main interested. The American star has also reacted on its social networks.

Faced with a video of Paige Niemann, Ariana Grande has not dried up praise for her. But a small detail still challenged him. On Twitter, the star has delivered his feelings. “I only wonder why she uses the voice / dialogue of my character Cat (Victorious ed),” wrote the singer. And to add, “I’m sure she’s really a love! But it’s definitely weird to see people mixing the two worlds lol. ”

As a reminder, the American series “Victorious” had then ended in 2013. Subsequently, Ariana Grande had also launched heart and soul in the music industry. In a few years, the star has come a long way. Soon, the pretty brunette has found his audience and chained success. The hits, the rewards and the world tours have become the everyday life of the beautiful Ariana. The class!


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