We all know that Ariana Grande is characterized by her long ponytail, also by her adorable dimple and her incredible voice, but she also has a personal way of dressing, but it seems that there are some fans who no longer agree with this monotony in her wardrobe. We tell you what it is about.

Through Twitter, a user sent a message to Ariana where he told him that he had been wearing the same clothes for 2 years, referring to the boots and sweatshirt attire that the singer usually wears. Apparently, he is already bored of seeing her with the same style. “You can stand out without using the same clothes.”

But not everything was there, Ariana was in a question and answer session on her social network, so she decided to defend herself directly from criticism and was grateful to be a singer, that is, she did not need to be a fashion icon and asked to leave to question her way of dressing, she even assured that she has beautiful clothes, but they will never see her because paparazzi are forbidden to her. OOPS !! What do you think?

Some fans came out in their defense; In addition, in previous months, her stylist Law Roach assured that her ponytail and her way of dressing are registered trademark of Ariana, because she believes that anyone who sees or thinks of such an outfit, the singer is the first person who comes to them head.